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EGA Networks offers specialized services for power utilities, including advanced drone-based utility pole inspections for compliance.  Our expertise extends to Smart Grid systems, optimizing energy distribution and enhancing grid resilience.  Additionally, we provide backup power solutions such as battery storage systems and generators for uninterrupted supply during outages.  Responding to the growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, we deliver end-to-end solutions from site selection to maintenance, seamlessly integrating EV charging stations into utility infrastructure.  Committed to reliability and efficiency, EGA Networks assists utilities in evolving their infrastructure to meet industry demands.

  • Solar

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

  • Energy Storage

  • Smart Grid


EGA Networks specializes in indoor, outdoor, and FTTx network deployments, offering comprehensive services, including planning, design, permitting, ROW management, aerial and underground construction, project management, quality assurance, testing, and reliable field services.  We prioritize excellence to meet the evolving needs of telecommunications providers, ensuring seamless deployment of cutting-edge fiber network infrastructure.

  • Indoor Plant

  • Outdoor Plant

  • FTTx


EGA Networks excels in comprehensive telecommunications services, providing design, engineering, permitting, construction, maintenance, and power delivery solutions tailored to industry needs.  From designing power systems for cell towers to implementing backup solutions for critical network infrastructure, we prioritize reliability and uptime.  With a proven track record in deploying robust power delivery solutions alongside telecommunications networks, EGA Networks is your trusted partner in building and maintaining resilient telecommunications infrastructure.

  • Small Cell

  • Tower

  • In-Building

  • Maintenance

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